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Countdown until the next Club Meeting - Join us at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds. Club General Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each Month from 7.30pm.

If you are interested in filling any of the positions below then simply fill in a nomination form prior to the AGM. If you would like any further information on any of the roles then feel free to contact the current position holder or any other member of the management committee.

The Executive Committee

The President is responsible for continually improving the Club’s policies, activities and administration, which also requires the full co-operation of all committee members. This also means to perform the customary courtesies, including making new members welcome and thanking committee members and other helpers. The president is to act as chairman at all committee and general meetings, so to ensure all meetings are properly convened with correct functioning of all committee members and any sub-committees. The president is to uphold the constitution of the club and act, subject to any expressed or implied instructions on behalf of the club and the committee in the interval in between meetings. He/she is a representative to other club’s, organisations, and individuals. A written report is to be given to the editor for the bi-monthly issues of Nissan News.

The Vice President is to act in the president’s absence as chairman at meetings and undertake other president’s duties. He/she is a representative at delegates meetings and to vote in accordance with club policy. The vice president is to report matters of interest to the committee and the club.

The Secretary’s position is to collect, sort and distribute mail from PO Box, record minutes of all committee, general and special meetings, issue copies of minutes from meetings to committee members and club members. All enquires to the club must be answered by mail and records kept. File correspondence which is to be retained for 7 years, except advertising literature, which has to be retained no longer than 6 months, or past the event expiry date. Liaise with president for correspondence or times with high priority or requiring URGENT action. Lodge ‘Statement of Annual General Meeting’ and attachments with the Office of Fair Trading and Business Affairs within one month of the date of the AGM. Provide names and phone numbers of newly elected committee to the QAFWDC.

The Treasurer maintains accurate records of the financial affairs of the club. Reports the previous month’s transactions to the members at the General Meetings. Liase with social director, librarian, membership officer, purchasing officer, editor and sergeant at arms regarding monies for functions and/or fundraising as necessary. Regularly audit the financial books of the club and reconcile with bank statements. To prepare an annual report for submission to the members at the Annual General Meeting and thereafter to the Office of Fair Trading and Business Affairs. Pay monthly bills including Magazine printing, Australia Post and Hall Hire costs.

The Management Committee

Association delegates are required to attend QAFWDC meetings and report to the president, committee and members with current up to date information. * This role is ideally shared between 2 or 3 members *

Editor reviews all material for the bi-monthly magazine and decides what is to be printed in accordance with the committee guidelines. Regularly check PO Box for reports and information. Compile trip reports, events, and member’s information for each edition in a Microsoft Word processing document. Compile each magazine on a zip disk for the printers. Arrange with the Printer Company to issue magazine at the beginning of every second month of the year and organise collection of magazine from printers within 4-5 days of delivery. Organise regular magazine committee meetings with nominated participants, which includes compiling the magazine and organising the wrap-up for postage. When magazines are complete and sorted into area bundles, deliver to the Post Office and complete relevant paper work. Payment for postage of magazine is determined by the weight of each parcel. Obtain receipt for Treasurer and collect cheque from Treasurer to pay for postage. Keep records of Advertisers, date first placed in magazine, what size and for how long and liaise with the Treasurer to issue invoices in advance. Negotiate with Nissan Australia for sponsorship coverage and arrange magazine covers and design. Keep up to date records of all dated trips so none are missed on the calendar. Update postage record and magazine labels in conjunction with the Membership Officer’s database. Include Advertises in postage. Ensure there is sufficient stationery for each issue. Any extra copies of Magazines are to be provided to the Membership officer for new memberships. Attend monthly Committee meetings. Required to present trophy to the member who contributed their best effort to the magazine through out the year.

The Equipment Officer is to keep club equipment at his/her property. Maintain and/or service club equipment as required. Keep a written record of who borrows equipment with date borrowed and date returned. Investigate new equipment. Provides Editor with list of equipment for publishing in the magazine.

Collects information with regards to the Club for Historic Purposes.

Librarian reports to the committee and members on each month’s sales, stock and any new items. Bookkeeping to be kept up to date in response to the Treasurers requirements. Report to Editor for Magazine.

Duties for the Membership is to maintain database and issue regular updates to the committee and non-committee members including probationary member details for the training officer in accordance with the distribution lists. Provide Editor with database details for magazine mail distribution and update members birthday profile. Provide names and phone numbers of newly elected committee members to the editor and committee members. Receive new membership applications and verify fees check that applications forms are completed and signed before forwarding application and subscription fees to the Treasurer. Issue new member packages with badge, stickers, membership card and club information/rules. Monitor provisional memberships, submit members to Committee for advancement record, list full members in minutes and notify Editor of member’s names to be published in the Nissan News as advanced to full members.

This position is held by the past President to oversee the continuity of past policies/administrative duties etc.

POINTS CO-ORDINATOR Points Co-ordinator is responsible for lodging member’s details on the database after every trip or club event and to keep an attendance register at General Meetings. The Points Co-Ordinator is to notify committee members of changes and organise the collective annual points for each member for trophy awards if applicable.

Public relations officer welcomes new members, provisional members and guests at the General Meetings. He/she is to provide details and answer any enquires in respect to the Club.

Purchasing reports to the committee and members on each month’s sales, stock and any new items. Take and record orders for club clothing. Sell merchandise to members in accordance with the committee’s decision of price and type of goods. Collect money for sold items with no credit allowances. Bookkeeping to be kept up to date in response to the Treasures requirements. Report to Editor for Magazine.

This position is fully an enjoyable one, as it is the duty of Sergeant At Arms to collectively report at each General Meeting and fine members for their mistakes or misfortunes from Club trips and events. Gold coin donations collected from members are to be donated to a charity fund after every Annual General Meeting and liaise with the Treasurer with monthly bookkeeping reports.

Social Directors are responsible for providing catering requirements at General Meetings, Christmas functions or any other special events during the year. Social Director/s organise profit raising raffles for the Club and also provide social events for members. Bookkeeping is to be completed in appliance with the Treasurers reports. Attend committee meetings if possible to co-ordinate activities. Social Director/s are to provide written material to the Editor for functions or special events during the year and are to be published bi-monthly.

Technical adviser is to keep abreast of any engineering and/or mechanical changes, modifications etc that would be of importance to Club members and report at the General Meetings.

Tours Co-Ordinator promotes the running of trips and assists trip leaders with organising trips. Liaise with Editor to ensure that trips go into the magazine calendar and reports from trip leaders nominated person are produced. Arrange and present all trip details at the General Meetings. To ensure all trip forms are completed and point sheets filled out and given to the Points Co-Ordinator.
* An assistant tours co-ordinator is also required *

This new position has been created by the current President to organise and co-ordinate the club’s training program plus any other relevant training courses for the benefit of the members. Update and organise printed material for courses. Keep lists of training requirements for new members with the assistance of the membership officer and points co-ordinator. Advise and assist any member with any queries about training, education and vehicle modifications. To liaise with the local authorities regarding bi-laws and permits in conjunction with the Association to plan stages of development and coordinate activities. Progress of activities and reports on programs are to be stated at the General Meetings. Training Officer reports to the committee on all aspects of development pertinent to the state of the driver training facilities. The President is to be kept informed of all matters of importance immediately they become known. * An assistant training officer is also required *